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FreeCell Solitaire


Once again Steel Feather is very pleased to present you enormously popular solitaire game called FreeCell Solitaire !Don't forget to like us on Facebook:
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- Time or Moves mode- Unlimited undo- Variety of statistics- Hint animation- Selecting and/or dragging cards- Double click for putting cards to slots- HD graphics- Realistic sounds
FreeCell Solitaire How To Play
FreeCell is a solitaire variation card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards. On the board you have four open cells (on the left side) and four open slots (on the right side). All cards are on the board face-up, stacked into eight columns. You can always move one card each time. However if you have enough free cells and/or empty fields on the table, you can move group of cards in a proper sequence. The good news is that on the empty fields you can put any card you want! You win the game if you move all of the cards from the board to open slots- beginning with Ace and ending on King.
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